Hydration Activation for Patients


Now Launching Nationwide! Your first line of defense - Hydration!  Now in ebook or in print.

Want to boost a body's first line of defense against lack of focus, low energy and lackluster moods? Proper hydration sets kids up for success by allowing better overall body function. Without water, nothing works! Hydration fine-tunes children's focus and supports better moods. It's an easy, simple answer to sluggish bodies, brains and bad tempers.

Just a 4% decrease in proper hydration can disrupt a child's ability to concentrate by 30% and cause cranky kids. 

Kids learn best when they can engage in stories, activities and then try to teach others.  So parents and kids can have a fun adventurous program where children will become the Hydration Hero in your family!

Children - a 28-page ebook with learning activities and engagement tasks.  Let your patients learn with Bella, Anthony and Carlos, our heroes in training.  Have them join Zis, Boom and Bah, our healthy living experts, on a tour teaching them how to care for their bodies each and every day!  
Parents- a 21-page ebook, a discovery tour that is fun, engaging and may help solve performance and health issues immediately.  This program offers parents the chance to dive deep into the world of hydration in a relevant, simple and actionable way.

For digital goods:   doctors offices will receive cards with specific codes on them to hand out to their patients.  The code will allow the patient to go to the ZisBoomBah store and order specific products as specified by the doctor.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.  Please contact ZisBoomBah for more details at store@zisboombah.com or call 303-520-3744.