Corporate Wellness Family Program


Award winning ZisBoomBah launches Corporate Wellness Program for children and their parents. Companies can now inspire entire families to get healthy together!

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An employee program for parents to engage their children in making healthy choices. This program is made to complement and enhance your organization’s vision and wellness program. ZisBoomBah is the award winning online game where kids are the heroes of healthy living and where parents get credible tools and information to raise a healthy family.

Kids want to know how they can have more energy to finish soccer games, help their brains feel less foggy during a test, or what foods to eat to help their appearance. Our programs are designed by ZisBoomBah’ team of nutritionists, fitness experts, teachers, psychologists and game writers and are focused on three core concepts:

  • Knowledge: Core knowledge about food, fitness and feeling great
  • Self Efficacy: Easily recognizing and making healthier choice; and
  • Expressing: Talking to peers and family about how great being healthy is


E Book Series Only

    • 21 Days to a Healthier Family - $447.50 for 50 Downloads and $725 for 100 Downloads

      Your families can create new healthy habits that are just plain fun in under 60 minutes a day!  Your families will get 3 books where they will learn about nutrition, fitness and a healthy attitude by taking 3 simple steps a day!
      ZisBoomBah's team of experts developed a simple and effective 21 Day Program to encourage families to live a healthier lifestyle - one step at a time.  We built in achievable and measurable goals as well as playful and easy to access activities.  
      At the end of the 21 days, families will have achieved:
      • A healthy kitchen that is set up for convenience and tips for choosing healthier options
      • More play time, which works as a stress reducer, increases fitness and gives parents more time with their kids
      • Additional simple and healthy meals
      • Kids can now be trusted to make their own healthy snacks
      • Dinner time will be an experience your families look forward to
      The 21 Day Program offers weekly and daily summaries, daily guides, assessments, menus, recipes, how tos  as well as Get Control of Your Pantry!  and Get Control of Your Refrigerator! step-by-step guides.  All the planning is done for families!  All they have to do is take each day as it comes and follow each step! 


      • Hydration Package:   $375 for 50 Downloads and $595 for 100 Downloads 

      Want to boost a body's first line of defense against lack of focus, low energy and lackluster moods? Proper hydration sets kids up for success by allowing better overall body function. Without water, nothing works! Hydration fine-tunes children's focus and supports better moods. It's an easy, simple answer to sluggish bodies, brains and bad tempers.

      Just a 4% decrease in proper hydration can disrupt a child's ability to concentrate by 30% and cause cranky kids. 

      Kids learn best when they can engage in stories, activities and then try to teach others.  So parents and kids can have a fun adventurous program where children will become the Hydration Hero in your family!

      Children - a 28-page ebook with learning activities and engagement tasks.  Let your patients learn with Bella, Anthony and Carlos, our heroes in training.  Have them join Zis, Boom and Bah, our healthy living experts, on a tour teaching them how to care for their bodies each and every day!  
      Parents- a 21-page ebook, a discovery tour that is fun, engaging and may help solve performance and health issues immediately.  This program offers parents the chance to dive deep into the world of hydration in a relevant, simple and actionable way.


      12 Month Program - Call for pricing

      Our programs let kids and parents see why healthy choices are important. Our curriculum-based programs weave real-life activities into the fun, interactive elements of gaming.  Our animated experts, Zis, Boom and Bah, teach Anthony, Carlos and Bella, to be the heroes of healthy living.  By the time your families complete the programs, they will have enough knowledge to plan their day and start teaching others!

      What a Child Receives:

      • Full Access to ZisBoomBah
      • 3 Creative Online Adventures with 108 games and activities
      • Healthy Living Hero cut out with the completion of each adventure.  The child will earn a cut out eye mask in Basics, a cut out badge in Discovery and then instructions on how to make a cape in Create.
      • Hydration Activation Program with a 28-page ebook with learning, activity and engagement tasks
      Optional (additional pricing):  Printed Version of the Program | Healthy Living Hero Kit based on Anthony, Bella or Carlos outfits. Each kit will include an eye mask, badge, and cape with an adventure overview booklet.

      What a Parent Gets: 

      • Full Access to ZisBoomBah
      • 21 Days to a Healthier Family with 3 ebooks where families will learn about nutrition, fitness and a healthy attitude by taking 3 simple steps a day!
      • Hydration Activation Program with a 21-page ebook, a discovery tour that is fun, engaging and may help solve performance and health issues immediately.
      • Monthly Emails relevant to time of year 

      Optional (additional pricing):  Custom emails for your parents | Nutritional Services with one-on-one consultations | Nutritional Webinars | Printed Books


      What a Corporate Gets:

        • Step by Step Activation Guide
        • Four Awareness Posters to hang in Key Locations
        • Launch campaign with suggestions on events and announcements
        • E-Book Activation Card
        • ZisBoomBah Tattoos
        • Tracking and Real time Reporting

        Optional (additional pricing): Customized campaign for families | Events | Customized program with Corporate Branding.


          ZisBoomBah will work with you to tailor a program for your company.  Additional Pricing applies. For more information on our Corporate Wellness Programs and pricing, please contact ZisBoomBah at or call 303-520-3744.