About Us

ZisBoomBah.com is the award winning online game where kids are the hero of healthy living and offers parents credible tools, recipes and information to raise a healthy family. The online adventure, featuring quests, weaves real life activities into the fun elements of gaming to make healthy choices part of a kid's daily routine. The quests are designed by ZisBoomBah.com’s team of nutritionists, fitness experts, teachers and game writers with the purpose of stimulating kids to make better choices. Parents motivated to make a change will find everything they need at ZisBoomBah.com! 

ZisBoomBah is located in Boulder, Colorado. You can reach us at zbb@zisboombah.com.

ZisBoomBah.com is the Award Wining #1 Online Nutritional Tool for Kids by

  • Let’s Move & USDA
  • 5-Star Rating by Common Source Media
  • As seen on WebMD & Rachel Ray’s Yum-o!

Highest Rating by Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media recognizes ZisBoomBah.com with the highest rating for health and fitness. The 5 star rating indicates a fun and engaging website with the potential to help equipkids with core skills they need to thrive in tomorrow's world. Common Sense Media rated ZisBoomBah.com higher than Disney, PBS, Kids Health, Playnormous and Nourish Interactive. Check out the Common Sense Media review for Back to School and Cooking Games and Websites.

#1 Pick Chow! Plate by USDA and First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move

ZisBoomBah.com was chosen as the #1 tool in the Apps For Healthy Kids contest organized by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move! Campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation.