Medical Offices

Now Launching Nationwide! Doctors asked ZisBoomBah for easily actionable "Learn to be Healthy" materials and we listened!

ZisBoomBah understands the influential nature of child and doctor relationships.  Doctors have an immediate impact on how a child can focus on healthy living.  Today most doctors don't have a nutrition, fitness and attitude reference guide  that is simple, relevant and easily actionable for the child and the parent. 

 Kids want to know how they can have more energy to finish soccer games, help their brains feel less foggy during a test, or what foods to eat to help their appearance. Our programs are designed by ZisBoomBah’s team of nutritionists, fitness experts, teachers, psychologists and game writers and are focused on three core concepts:

  • KnowledgeCore knowledge about food, fitness and feeling great,
  • Self Efficacy: Easily recognizing and making healthier choices; and
  • Expressing:  Talking to peers and family about how great being healthy is and how to do it.