ZisBoomBah is Launching "21 Days to a Healthier Family" January 14, 2013 08:39

We at ZisBoomBah believe every family can form healthier habits in the midst of all of life’s chaos and have fun while doing so! Our team set out to design a simple plan with our experts in child health, nutrition and fitness.  The plan focuses on three simple to-do items each day, easing your family into healthy living.  The core of the plan includes Play, Simple Foods and Little Changes that add up over time. Try it! There simply is nothing to loose.

You will be surprised at what you achieve! All you have to do is follow the simple steps and have fun. The habits will form before you know it, and you’ll never look back! 

Week 1: As we begin this 21-day journey, the tasks during the first week will ease you into making small adjustments with your family. We want to inspire you to have fun while getting organized, being active and planning meals.

  • Play: Get outside and play with your kids!
  • Simple Foods:  Breakfast/ snacks.
  • Little Changes:  Clean out your pantry.

Week 2: By now, the three daily steps seem so simple and it might be hard to imagine changes are happening to your family until you look back at the end of the program- and that’s exactly the point! We help you form healthy habits in doable increments that stick!

  • Play:   Adventures with your kids!
  • Simple Foods: Lunch.  
  • Little Changes:  Clean out your fridge.

Week 3: Enjoy creating lifelong habits with your family. You are not only creating wonderful memories with your kids, but also setting them up to live a healthy life.

  • Play: Appreciate and engage in activities with your family!
  • Simple Foods: Dinner.
  • Little Changes: What to have in your pantry and fridge.

Play, Simple Foods, Little Changes - Why Each Aspect of the Program is so Important:

  • Play:  Throughout this 21-day process, the play component of the program will engage your family in fun physical activities.  At the end: Not only will your abs feel more defined from all of the play and laughter with your family, but you will also feel healthier overall. This is the perfect program to ease into a fitness routine, set a good example for your children and incorporate fun fitness into your everyday family life.
  • Simple Foods: The busier life gets, the farther food seems to fall down on the priority list. Eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be complicated! “Simple food” is real food that can easily be integrated into your routine.  At the end: Notice the difference! You will  feel more energized when you are fueling your body with these foods! Meal times will also become a family affair -  from grocery shopping, menu planning and preparation and cooking, everyone will want to be involved in eating healthy.
  • Little Changes: We know time can be limited, and we want to help you make your family’s lifestyle effortlessly healthier. Check out our Recommended Pantry List for healthy items to stock and go on a recipe hunt to use up those foods that are close to expiring.   At the end: By taking a few minutes every day to complete the Little Changes task, you will be more organized and have room for foods you will actually eat. This is also a great time to create a new shopping list —healthy habits that stick begin at the grocery store!